"Welcome to Welcome to this autobiographical website. In this personal and private webspace, I expect to share with you important life-experiences which made me who I am. I do so in all the humility that I can muster. I am well aware that I am no more than an ordinary person of average intelligence and modest ability. If a person with my limited background can scale educational peaks of undreamt of heights, we can all achieve anything if we put our minds to it. If reading about my life-experiences inspires any of my readers to aim for and achieve seemingly impossible goals in their lives, then I shall consider sharing these pages with a wider audience as well worth the effort. One goal which is worth aiming for by our countrymen at this juncture in our history is a Corruption Free India. Recent election results for the Delhi Assembly elections show that, thanks to Anna Hazare, our Anti-Corruption Movement has gained an unstoppable momentum. We must build on the Delhi success and get a Corruption Free Parliament in the coming General Election. Only such a Corruption Free Parliament will produce a Corruption Free government that will work for a Corruption Free India. But the sheer election of a Corruption Free Government will not guarantee the heralding of a Corruption Free India. Our dream of a Corruption Free India will become a reality if and only if each one of us who believes in it, works for it and defeats those who are opposed to it. I dedicate this website to the creation of a Corruption Free India. I would love to know what you think about this website. Please email your comments to me. Interesting comments will appear on the 'Feedback' page.